Von Egidy edges Macchiavello in all-American match

Senior standouts among the top wrestlers UC has ever had
Dec. 10, 2012 @ 06:40 PM

Easily tne most anticipated match of the Bobby Abernathy Memorial Tournament was the 182-pound class, which was moved to the end of the event.
For the first time in Union County wrestling history, two all-Americans faced off against each other when Piedmont senior Parker Von Egidy faced Sun Valley senior Michael Macchiavello.
Von Egidy is a two-time state champion who has signed with Missouri, while Macchiavello is ranked No. 1 in the state in the 4A classification.
Von Egidy emerged the victor, 3-2.
“That’s a match that you definitely look forward to seeing each year,” Spartans coach Sean Greiner said. “It’s the matches you live for and they both fought really hard. The outcome could have gone either way. Despite the loss, it gives us something that we can build on and use as fuel to be even better.”
After a scoreless first period, Von Egidy started the second on bottom and got a one-point escape.
With both wrestlers back on their feet, Von Egidy hit a sweep single to get the take down and grab a 3-0 lead.
“I knew I had to get the take down to win,” he said. “I knew I wasn’t going to win off just a one-point escape or something like that. I went through the take downs I thought I could hit on him and the take downs he’s good at defending. ... Since he’s such a big guy I tried to get around him a little bit. I came out the backdoor and got that take down. In the third period, he escaped and from then on out I was just circling with fakes trying to get that win.”
Macchiavello used an escape to cut the deficit to 3-1 heading into the third and final period.
Macchiavello tighted the match with a second escape, making it 3-2. Von Egidy, called for stalling late in the match, held on for the victory.
“It’s tough because you want to win,” Macchiavello said. “Any match you go in to you want to come out with the win. It’s a tough loss but the outcome could have gone either way. Me and Parker are buddies, I know what he’s capable of and he knows what I’m capable of. We practiced over the summer a couple of days. It was a tough match and he came out on top. He did what he had to do; it’s tough, though.”
There seems to be a mutual respect between Von Egidy and Macchiavello.
“Me and Michael are friends,” Von Egidy said. “I got a hold of him and got him in the room when he was taking time off from football on a Saturday. We rolled around a little bit to keep him fresh. Plus it helped me a lot working with him, a bigger guy and strong guy like that. Yeah. he’s a friend. I like him.”
Maccchiavello hopes to benefit from the loss down the road.
“I think I could have done it a little different the way I set up my shots and the way I attempted to take him down,” Macchiavello said. “I didn’t set up well and plus he had great inside control. That’s something that I needed to work on since last year. This is just a match that clarified what I need to work on, which is taking more shots and getting better at that.”
Von Egidy was diagnosed with mononucleosis this Fall, and is still working his way back.
“I’m out of shape,” he said. “I’m a lot weaker in the weight room but I mean I’m getting back. I feel like it’s going to be back here full strength in three weeks. After that I’ll be the best I’ve ever been. I lost about 15 pounds so I’m a little under my weight class right now weighing about 175. I’m getting my weight back, trying to get up to 190 then cutting to 182. I’m really trying to get my strength and get back in shape.”
For Macchiavello, he might have lost the battle, but his team won the war.
The Spartans edged Piedmont by two points for the team title.
“Coach (Greiner) has brought the program really far in the past couple of years,” Macchiavello said. “It just shows the progress that he has done. It’s good, I’m happy for us.”