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Nov. 08, 2012 @ 08:50 AM

An unbelieveable show of love, support

Thank you for the unbelievable love and support that you have shown to and for Officer James Kirkley.   During his life, struggles with cancer and most amazingly the show of respect and support during his homecoming funeral service on November 6, 2012.   Weare all proud of James!  I am also proudto be a member of such a loving and supportive community.  

What an unbelievable moment to honor James’ wishes as the procession motored down Main Street and to see the support by so many individuals waving our flag!  Braving the cold icy wind to show their love and honor for one of Union County’s finest!  It was quite an amazing event.

Special thank you to Sheriff Eddie Cathey for his tremendous support and presence!  Thank you to all of the law enforcement officers , Union County Sheriff’s Office and deputies,Monroe City police, statewide agencies such as the SBI, NC State Highway Patrol, police officers of Waxhaw, Stallings, and Charlotte, and local firefighters for your service and tribute to your comrade.  There is no way to ensure that we thank everyone, but please know from the bottom of our hearts that this is much appreciated and will be always remembered.

Roxane Helms Smith



Is it just me, or are women offended being called ‘guys’?

Am I the only female around her who takes offense when people everywhere address me and my fellow travelers as “guys”? I realize that with everything important going on in the world this is very minor in comparison, but it is important to me.

I have for sixty years been known as a girl, woman, lady, Miss, Mrs., and even Ma’am as I have gotten older. None of these descriptives  or addresses have offended me, even Ma’am, which indicated that I WAS, in fact, getting older.

Usually, when I go anywhere I am accompanied by my husband. He is a large man, has a short haircut, wears jeans or overalls most of the time, so I don’t mind when he is addressed as a guy. On the other hand, I wear makeup, earrings, try to fix my unruly hair, and wear feminine clothes when I get off of the farm (at least most of the time.)

When I walk into a restaurant, I often hear from the hostess who seat us first: Good evening, guys, How are you guys tonight? What can I get you guys to drink?” Not only am I assaulted with “you guys” once, but at least three to four times before the server approaches the table. As the server approaches the table, he/she proceeds to say something like this, “Hey, guys, how are you guys tonight? Here are your menus and you guys can let me know when you guys are ready to order.”

While I understand that it is getting more difficult to recognize the differnce between the sexes with the ways the world is dressing and letting men’s hair grow long and women’s hair getting shorter and shorter. I also understand that we live in the South, where we have always been recognized as ya’ll. What would be wrong with hostesses and servers, in fact anyone who serves the public in the SOUTH, calling us ya’ll or the plural of “you”? Then no one who is being served would be offended, because they would know they are in the SOUTH, where people have a charming way of speaking.

If I were so inclined to go north, I would expect to be called a guy because the people up north talk like that. We should remember where we are and speak like we are from the south which includes NOT calling ladies guys.

Mindy Mullis