Letters to the Editor

Oct. 26, 2013 @ 04:02 PM

The best choice

John B. Ashcraft Jr. was born in Monroe, North Carolina on January 5, 1952.   He is married to Debra Peay Ashcraft and they have two children (Trey and Brandon) and one grandson (Ian).   John was educated in the Monroe City Schools and graduated from Monroe High School in 1970.   He is a graduate of the Young Executive Institute at UNC-Chapel Hill (1984).   John is a real estate broker and currently works in commercial real estate.   From 1973-1994 John was associated with the local newspaper as production manager, president and general manager and publisher.   He began his career in commercial real estate in 1996.

John has had many leadership roles in local organizations including Union County United Way, Union County Chamber of Commerce, Union County Community Arts Council, Union County Vision 2020 Committee and Wingate University Educational Foundation just to name a few.   John is a recipient of the Monroe Jaycees Distinguished Service Award, Monroe Rotary Club Rotarian of the Year and Union County Man of the Year (1986). 

John has served two (2) terms on the Monroe City Council and currently chairs the Monroe Tourism Development Authority.   His accomplishments while on council include implementation of the Downtown Monroe Master Plan and construction of a gymnasium at the J Ray Shute Community Center (the first facility of its kind in South Monroe).   John was also instrumental in council’s efforts to cut almost 5 million dollars from the city’s budget to hold down property taxes.   He has supported local airport expansion plans that included runway lengthening and strengthening, establishment of a foreign trade zone and a customs facility primarily to encourage industrial development in both Monroe and Union County. 

John is a proven leader and his record of public service makes him “The Best Choice” for Monroe City Council.   Please vote for John Ashcraft on November 5 (early voting continues through November 2 at the Union County Public Library).

Bob Smith



David Drehs is an active leader

I am on staff at Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church and have had a working relationship with Dave Drehs for the past 10 years working together on many different issues.

Dave is an active leader  with outstanding character. He and his family have been active members for years and Dave has been on council for many years serving as Council President as well as being the chairman for the Property Team for many years.

Dave Drehs is running for Indian Trail Town Council and is excited about the possibility of serving his community.

He is retired from the Army after proudly serving for 22 years and he wants to continue to serve the community.

Thank you, for your time and for ALL you do!

Karen Weiner

Indian Trail


‘Let’s go, Warriors!’

When you hear the termrivalry, what pops into your mind? The Yankees and the Red Sox? Chapel Hill and Duke? For me, it’s the rivalry that stands between the Weddington Warriors and the Marvin Ridge Mavericks.

The rivalry between the Warriors and the Mavericks began in 2007, and is considered a big one, because the schools are less than 10 miles from each other.

My journey as a Warrior began a year later. I didn’t attend many football games, but I knew the some of the coaches; not just the football coaches. I knew the girls’ basketball coach, Coach Jay Fitts, and the soccer coach, Coach Powell Williams. There were some events when we lost to Marvin, and there were those that we won.

Fast forward to 2012; my senior year of high school. I was in the stands – I had won the senior superlative of “Most School Spirited” – cheering my fellow Warriors on. Marvin Ridge had scored only 3 points. By halftime, the score stood Weddington, 17, Marvin Ridge, 3. Earlier that day, members of my senior class –including me – had said that we would “ride those ponies” (the Maverick is depicted as a horse, so you can see where we got that). We were right. Weddington won the game 27-3.

Fast forward to the present. Weddington is excelling under the leadership of Coach Tim Carson. The only loss was to A.L. Brown, in week 3. In the past three games (against Charlotte Country Day, Anson, and Cuthbertson), it’s become evident that you cannot stop the Green Machine.

With that, as we play on Marvin’s turf, I’m proud to say, “Let’s go, Warriors!”

Eileen Keller



Thank heavens for kind merchants

Recently I decided I needed to buy a trailer hitch for my van.  I was tired of paying what I consider exorbitant delivery charges for yard “stuff”.  I called and got the price.  After debating a bit, I decided that I could recoup the cost in a year at least.  I wanted to haul some mulch, rocks and some plants, etc.   Of course I hadn’t figured in a trailer at that point.  Nevertheless, I told the hitch man to order one for me.  In the interim, I had a delightful discovery.  A couple I am involved with at the Museum offered me the use of their small pickup whenever I needed it.  Now that negates buying a hitch and trailer perhaps.  At any rate they assured me the truck was at my disposal.  Feeling a budget crunch, I wanted to cancel my hitch order, but being a person of integrity, I knew I had to bite the bullet and buy it.

When I got to the hitch shop, I was warmly greeted by the owner.  We chatted a bit and I expressed my fear that I could not manage the trailer especially the backing of it.  I was then asked if I still wanted the hitch.  The owner told me that if I was under no obligation to buy it; he could easily return it.  I told him that I would rather not buy at this time if it were okay with him.  He smiled broadly and said, “I am kind to people; that’s how I have stayed in business all these years.”  What a relief!  And his business in not in a prime location either.  Thank heavens there are business people out there who are kind and willing to help out befuddled senior citizens.

Doris Wheeler



Support ‘Rocky’ Crenshaw

I urge Stallings voters to cast their votes for Furman Lee “rocky” Crenshaw of District 2.

Rocky has been a resident of Stevens Mill neighborhood for nearly 20 years and I have known him almost that long.

Rocky is a gentleman of integrity, honesty and intelligence. After a difficult start for the Stevens Mill Homeowners Association, Rocky stepped in and provided steady and strong leadership for us. During his long tenure on the HOA, the association has not increased dues, but has managed to complete a number of projects enhancing the beauty and value of this area. Residents insist that he remain in a leadership position on the HOA where he has been for 15 years.

Particularly, I would like to point out his ability to get things done while providing conservative money management. Rocky gives of himself freely, he will be a wise councilman. I recommend him to you.

Charles F. Palmer



I recommend David Drehs for council

Indian Trail has two positions open for Town Council.  These  people are  running for these positions  because they care about Indian Trail and want to make it better. So  how do you decide on two candidates out of five, especially if you don’t know them?

I would like to recommend David Drehs for Indian Trail Town Council.

I met David 18 years ago when his son and mine were in Kindergarten together. The day I met him I liked  him immediately because he gave his wife the credit for their  son’s intelligence.

Our boys were in Cub Scouts and then Boy Scouts.  David became the leader of Troop 9 at Bethel United Methodist  Church. When the national average for boys in scouting to reach the level of Eagle is 1 out of 10, David had 8 boys during his leadership become an Eagle Scout. I’m proud to say my son is one of them.

Although David has always voted and helped with community events it was during this time that his interest in serving his community through a leadership role  took root. He has been actively attending meetings and serving on committees for over two years. He is the only candidate that is currently serving on a committee.

There are four generations of his family living in Indian Trail. I believe he will make decisions that are based on what’s best for the town,  young and old alike.

After defused and disposed of bombs in the Army,  I don’t think there is a lot that can upset David. He can handle a group of rowdy teenage boys as well as he can work with a group of fellow citizens that all have strong opinions of what is best for Indian Trail.

I’m asking you to take advantage of your right and privilege to vote and  have your say in the future of Indian Trail.

Please vote David Drehs  November 5th.

Karen McCarl

Indian Trail