Letters to the Editor, March 3, 2013

Mar. 02, 2013 @ 03:09 PM

I have a few questions for Tina Dupuy

Per your article Feb. 27 “Viewpoints” (Gun owners and gun dealers must be responsible):

I would like to know why you think gun manufactures should be liable for lawsuits by people who suffer gun violence.

That’s like someone driving drunk and hitting someone and that person suing GM or Ford because they drove up on the side walk and hit you!  Once again liberals miss the point completely! Punish the one who did the wrong (not) the maker of what they used.

Can’t buy ANYTHING without it being covered with warning labels. Buy a push mower and look down: it will have a warning label not to stick your toes under it! If you’re that stupid you deserve to be toeless! Buy a circular saw and you have to push some safety latch or push a button or slide some lever before you can pull the trigger to saw a board. Here is an idea, if you don’t know how to use one, don’t buy it!

My jaw drops open at the way you people think. Children being suspended from school because of a bubble gun! Five year olds being labeled terrorist because of a paper gun! I played cowboys and Indians (not a proper term anymore, might offend someone) at school and at home. I was shot multiple times and always lived to fight another day. United States of America “land of the offended.”   Why in the world and how in the world is it possible for someone to think you can sue a knife maker because someone was stabbed to death with a knife. Your probably thinking, well someone needs to be held responsible! Well that’s one thing we agree on. The person , shooting , stabbing , burning , beating someone should be held responsible!  Do something wrong , OWN IT !

Cut yourself with a box cutter, sue the maker?  Don’t one time take responsibility for hurting yourself. Spill hot coffee on yourself, sue McDonalds!  If I pull my pocket knife and cut someone, are they supposed to sue Case who made my knife or ME for cutting them?  I can lay my knife, gun, power tool, sharp object down and walk off and they stay right where I put them. They don’t leave my home or shop and go hurt someone. It takes a willful act by a human being to hurt someone with any of these things.

If you sue gun makers because some nut shot someone, you destroy the industry (oh that’s what your after anyway)! You open the door for hitting your finger and sewing the hammer maker! Tell me what is the difference?

Do the gun makers need to install combinations that have to be dialed before you can pull a trigger? Do they need safety levers like my saw before you can fire it? They already do, IT’S CALLED A SAFETY SWITCH!  I am really feed up with being talked down to by liberals and people like you. Only thing I have ever got was a speeding ticket. If someone had you ducking behind your car shooting at you, I’m pretty sure you would be really happy to see me show up with my weapon and I am willing to die to protect your innocent butt. (Not wanting to but willing to)! In case you thought I might be suicidal?

You people blame everyone and everything (except) the criminal you should blame. As a gun owner how do you think I need to be more responsible? As a gun owner how are these killings my fault? As a gun owner I live my life same as you. I live, love, have passions for my family and kids same as you.  I just don’t try to tell everyone else how to live their life. I don’t want something, I don’t buy it. You don’t want something , everyone should have theirs taken away! I’m not hurting anyone (but) I will not go quietly into the night ether! Don’t worry about me carrying my gun into Wal-Mart, worry about the nut in the parking lot that will shoot you in the head for five dollars!  I’m not worried right now about Muslims over running my home and cutting my head off. Just get me to and from Burger King alive and I’ll be happy !!      

Mitchell Starnes



‘Cherish the Ladies’ almost made me Irish

I will mostly likely never set foot on Irish soil, but for two and a half hours Saturday evening, I was there!  “Cherish the Ladies” was a most memorable introduction to Irish music and culture - engaging, energizing and entertaining!  

The musicians were indeed a diverse and gifted lot.  The fiddle player was a Duke-educated lawyer who has become a certified lawyer (solicitor) in Ireland as well. The pianist was Scottish. The vocalist also played the goat skin drum and the accordion player was hailed as one of Ireland’s finest. A guitar player from New Yor City  taught thereby helping to keep the music alive by passing it down to the younger generation. The spokesperson played a penny whistle and hailed from the Bronx.  A comic figure, she kept everyone engaged and laughing.

Beautiful music I was expecting and I was not disappointed, but the dazzling dancing took me by surprise.  One of the adult trio had been the principal with River Dance.  Two young girls danced also and as nimbly as their adult counterparts!  An evening that will not soon be forgotten by all those privileged to be in attendance.

How blessed we Union Countians are to be afforded entertainment of this caliber at incredibly affordable rates!  And we don’t have to drive to Charlotte with all that entails to enjoy it.  Thank you, Wingate University, for the wonderfully diverse offerings in the annual fine arts series!  Everyone can find at least one performance to his liking in that lineup. Not only can we enjoy the visiting artists, but also the student and faculty talents are ours to enjoy and at an even more affordable price - FREE!  Two student concerts will be offered this week.  Thank you, thank you, Wingate U for providing us all these affordable cultural enrichment opportunities.

Doris Wheeler