Letters for Dec. 23, 2012

Dec. 22, 2012 @ 02:57 PM

Value of sheriff deputies already has been proved

Ms. Darlene Luther and Mr. Robert Allen have been in office for three years yet they have refused to do anything about assessing public safety needs. Ms. Luther clearly has no clue as to what the Sheriff's Office does and how law enforcement works and she doesn't care. Mr. Allen and Ms. Luther have consistently criticized and insulted UCSO. The reason, I believe, is that they want to start a town police department.

In 2008, UNCC conducted a law enforcement study for Indian Trail. The study concluded that the town got great service from UCSO and that Indian Trail should continue contracting for law enforcement and not start a town police department. Luther and Allen have dismissed the study saying it was just a group of "college kids" (The study was conducted by the UNCC Master of Public Administration program with oversight from a PHd professor of public administration and a former Mecklenburg County manager with forty years of municipal government experience).

Allen and Luther numerous times have said they want to commission another "credible" study (as if the UNCC study wasn't). However, they haven't followed through because they know that another study would validate the conclusions of the UNCC report. Instead, they continue to try and make the case that there is something wrong with the service UCSO provides. Most recently, Mr. Allen publicly claimed that the Sheriff’s Office was not capable of providing security at Council meetings. That is consistent with Allen’s earlier public declaration that he should be allowed to carry a gun into meetings apparently so that he, and not the trained deputy, could take care of any threat that might arise.

Council members Allen and Luther could not have been able to carry on as they have without the support and facilitation of newer Council members Cohn, King and Mayor Alvarez. The group was elected a year ago after running on a platform of support for the contract with UCSO as well as seeing that Town Hall operated ethically, and professionally. In this lilly-livered units first year, there was more of a Circus like atmosphere in Town Hall than possibly ever before.

 Contracting with UCSO for law enforcement services is the best decision Indian Trail government has made. The agency has proved itself time and again. The average cost of a police department for a town the size of Indian Trail is between six to seven million dollars annually. The town currently pays less than one third of that amount while getting quality service. The Town Council needs to do their homework and research how contracting for law enforcement has greatly benefited the town. While it may be a long shot, I hope that Indian Trail's elected group of "leaders" will do the right thing by their constituents and commit to a long term contract, for public safety services, with the Union County Sheriff’s Office.

John Quinn

Former mayor

Indian Trail


All is not well in America the Beautiful

The horrible event at Newtown once again provides a time ot realize that all is not well in our beloved "America the Beautiful."

The gun is only the tool used in the hands of some mentally deranged person when incidents such as Newtown happens.

Sure — much action is expected and needed in seeking much tighter control over ownership of the type guns used in these kinds of tragedies — not those types used by families for their own protection.

According to the news, Canada and Australia have enacted "no guns" laws and when they did crime rates went up drastically — now they are working to rescind those tight laws.

To blame the gun for these kinds of of crimes is to say that we should ban all cars for the thousands of young people killed in wrecks caused by drunk drivers. The car and the gun are not the cause.

The cause rests on two planes. One is the absolute glorification of violence permeated on the culture by the media and entertainment world. And two is you and I in our reluctance to do anything about it. Oh, yes, we say "someone ought to do something about this" — and that someone is you and I.

Most historians identify around 19 dominant cultures that have existed in the world up until today, and which have fallen. By the records most of these downfalls had a decline in their moral standards as a main cause. Is America next? I think we are already on the way.

When a culture abandons its moral foundation found in the Christian tenets disaster looms in its future.

Aside from the natural tendency to resist restrictions on beliefs and behavior, the replacing the moral standing of the Bible with the teaching of evolution in our schools opened the gates for the decline we see today in our beloved America. God clearly laid out what is the way out when He declared:

"If my people, who are caled by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face and turn from the wicked ways, then, will I hear from Heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land."

Just maybe we ought to try this America.

Bill Howie

Mineral Springs


Armed guards are not a good idea

Wayne LaPierre of the NRA said Congress needs to place armed security guards in every school nationwide by January.  “What if Adam Lanza started shooting his way into Sandy Hook Elementary School last Friday, he had been confronted by qualified, armed security?”  LaPierre asked during the N.R.A. press conference. 

One armed school resource officer would cost the public schools at least $100,000 annually including benefits. 

 Who is going to pay?  The government?  The government cannot do it all.  It is time for private organizations to be responsible.  The NRA should be willing to fund the costs.  We should not look to the government for everything. 

 Assuming it is a good plan; the gun manufacturers should increase the selling prices of their products and contribute the funds needed to put security guards in every private and public school and college building. 

 It is not realistic to expect public schools to fund this cost.  The push for more corporate welfare needs to stop now.  Let the budget reductions begin at the “top.”

Dixon S. Hall