Letters for February22, 2013

Feb. 21, 2013 @ 06:46 PM

Councilman reveals his true nature

Robert Allen is revealing to the public his true disposition (although it is not hard to see through his veneer). Evidence of Mr. Allen's contempt for anyone he can't control is no more apparent than in his facebook diatribe.  His unethical and sneaky scheme to start a police department, with the help of Ms. Luther, Mayor Alvarez and Manager Fivas, has failed. Now, it appears as though he is desperately lashing out at his perceived foes, which includes the taxpaying residents of the town who appreciate the Sheriff's Office, their dedicated service and the tremendous value the town receives from them.

Apparently in Mr. Allen’s way of thinking, he believes that “on duty” officers (who he has defamed as being incompetent) should be directed to ignore their patrol duties in order to attend his private event.  Perhaps it would have been possible for a deputy to make an appearance if Allen had not consistently opposed adding officers to the understaffed Indian Trail Bureau’s force so they wouldn’t be so jammed up with calls for service.  It is clear to me that Robert Allen cares more about himself than the taxpaying citizens he was elected to look out for.    

With regard to Mr. Allen’s claim that an angry meeting attendee damaged his truck during the Saturday meeting, I can attest to the following; Throughout the Special meeting, I stood at the door with a full view of Allen's truck. I saw no one anywhere near the vehicle and certainly heard no sound that would have indicated anyone whacking the truck to cause $750.00 worth of damage. A deputy, standing next to me, also had the same vantage point as I had.

Mr. Allen’s characterization of the meeting attendee’s behavior is absurd.  The way Mr. Allen sees things, all of this is just a game to him.  He even said as much in the Saturday meeting when he sarcastically congratulated the Sheriff saying "well played".  However, in reality, Mr. Allen appears to me as being in a free fall while lashing out in anger and frustration from not getting his way.  I believe this is a man who is in serious need of the deliverance only God can give and should be on our prayer list.          

 John Quinn

Mint Hill


It was a proposal not a dictate

The Town of Indian Trail is a good Town to live in. After a property tax increase of 4 cents to 18.5 cents Indian Trail still has the lowest property tax of any town with more than 20,000. During the last few years there has been a fair amount of development, and there is much more to come this year. Since 1999 until now the population has grown from about 10,000 to 35,000-plus.

Due to the fast growth of the town all 5 voting Town council members, including Mr. Waddell and Mr. Cohn agreed it was time to upgrade the contract with the Union County Sheriff’s Office and forwarded to Sheriff Cathey a document entitled, Draft of a New Proposed Law Enforcement Agreement. The Town stated their desire to continue their long-standing relationship with the UCSO, and emphasized the need for a good partnership to grow and mature in the future. It was a proposal to be hashed out, not a dictate.

In his reply, Sheriff Cathey, writes” that the Town Manager has chosen to forsake the safety of the citizens”, “that The Town Manager is incompetent or is driven by a personal agenda”, and” that the Town Manager demands the sheriff should answer to him”. An explanation of how and why the proposal isn’t workable would have been the way to go.

At the Special Town Council meeting of February 16 was a very rowdy crowd. The sheriff’s duty is to uphold law and order, and that is why we want their presence at town Council meetings. Sheriff Cathey was also present together with other deputies. The Sheriff did nothing to quiet the crowd. Lt. Coble took the floor and lambasted one of the Town Council members. In short Sheriff Cathey and LT. Coble were very unprofessional. The deputy by the door did his job.

Severin Jacobsen

Indian Trail